Venice is famous for its delicate and tasty cuisine, which is mostly (but not only) based on fish dishes. Throughout
Venice is a city that has a lot of social life, especially from Spring (beginning of April) until the end
Venice has always been a tourist favourite destination for all kinds of travellers around the world, thanks to its rich
The world-wide famous Venetian Carnival was kicked off on the 8th of February to celebrate a period of opulence before
Oniga A small restaurant located in the heart of Venice, simple cuisine, which offers genuine ingredients and tastes, anchored in
Coronavirus nightmare will have its impact on hotels and local tour agencies, which already lost half their turnover in November,
About 3,500 people were asked to leave their homes as a security precaution, in order to defuse a 70 year
The city municipality of Venice has warned that St Mark's basilica might not be able to endure repeated floodings in
Crowds of protesters gathered in front of St Mark’s Square in Venice on Sunday to make their voices heard about