Coronavirus nightmare will have its impact on hotels and local tour agencies, which already lost half their turnover in November, December and January due to fear of high water.

During these months the hotels and local tor operators have seen their attendance cut in half, and rooms have been sold at bargain prices. Now, for the month of February, cancellations are coming due to fears of meeting Chinese tourists.

Venetians are now inviting a group of forty journalists from the most important newspapers and agencies around the world (the United States, Japan, France, Russia, Turkey) who should be coming in the next few days.

Venetians that work in tourism will show that coronavirus has not touched the lagoon and will also explain what it means when Venice measures a 187cm high tide, and how quickly it usually goes back to the normal sea level. (, 2020)

Therefore this is the best time to visit Venice, as its streets and canals are exceptionally less crowded than usual. While you are in Venice book your next tour with Vidal Venice Tours, in order to experience the city like a local.