Venice is famous for its quality cuisine and fish-based dishes, but don’t underestimate a very traditional and famous custom: Venetian
As you may already know, Venice is the perfect place for any kind of photo shoot: professional, amateur, romantic, landscapes
The Venice Film Festival was founded in 1932 and it is the world’s oldest film festival. Besides the Cannes Film
The Venetian Lagoon and the Adriatic Sea are very prolific fishing spots and are located just next to the island
Next time you visit Venice during summertime and you want to chill out in the sunshine while taking a swim
The Venetian Lagoon is bigger than most people would ever imagine, as it stretches about 30 miles from north to
Venice is a famous city for its stunning historical buildings and landmarks, but few know it is also the home
Here is the second part of our article about our favourite “secret islands” in the Venetian Lagoon. Here we go!
The Venetian Lagoon, an UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987, is quite bigger than most people would ever imagine, with