Venice is a famous city for its stunning historical buildings and landmarks, but few know it is also the home for some of the best events and party weeks in the world.

The city’s nightlife is usually quiet, especially in Winter, and there are no famous or notable nightclubs. Therefore people always tend to gather in the island’s squares or wine bars, which you can find everywhere. But very few people know that (during certain days of the year) Venetian palaces get gleaming with lights, music and party people of all ages, creating memorable and classy events. So if you like to party in style, here is a list of the top yearly events in Venice 😉

1. Venice Carnival

The Carnival of Venice is an annual event held in February which attracts up to 3 million visitors. It usually lasts 3 weeks, even though most parties happen during weekends. This festival is very famous worldwide and it is most notable for its costumes and masks, that both visitors and locals wear to show off their splendour. The classy and decadent parties thrown during the Venetian Carnival, are quite unique and a little “sinful”, in a good way.

2. Biennale Opening Week

During the first week of May Venice celebrates the opening of Biennale, one of the most famous exhibitions of modern architecture and art around the world. Biennale means “biennial”, as its main theme switches every year between art and architecture. The exhibition lasts from May to November, but it is the first week where all the cool events and parties are happening. During this magic week you can find up to 20 parties a day, stunning parties held in the most beautiful palaces of the island. Last but not least, most of these events are completely free (drinks and meals included), as they are offered by the artist or the country representing the artist.

3. Redentore Night

This is probably the biggest event in Venice, which is held every year on the third weekend of July. Redentore is a very old tradition that was initiated as a feast to thank the Holy Redeemer for the end of the terrible plague of 1576. This disease killed 50,000 Venetians. Nowadays all the locals and visitors gather in the San Marco Bay (by foot or by boat) around 7pm as they party hard until midnight, when the fireworks start to the amusement of everyone. The best way to experience this party is from the water, as there are literally thousands of boats that gather in front of San Marco. This stunning scenario excites locals as much as a first-timers.

4. Venice Film Festival

The Venice Film Festival is the oldest film festival in Europe and one of the “Big Three” European film festivals (alongside the Cannes Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival). It is always held in the first week of September, and it has a great selection of indie and blockbuster movies. The weather in September is also optimal for a party week, and you could compare these days to the Biennale week for the great choice of stuff to do. During the Film Festival there are lots of parties every day, and you can choose between two islands: the main island of Venice and Lido of Venice, where the beach and the main festival are located. You will never get bored if you visit Venice at this time of the year.

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