The Venetian Lagoon is bigger than most people would ever imagine, as it stretches about 30 miles from north to south and about 7 miles from east to west. This Unesco World Heritage site is so big that it hosts nearly 120 islands scattered all around it. Therefore our lagoon is perfect for a big variety of day trips that you can choose from.

Today we will focus on one of our favourite day trips available in the proximity of the main island of Venice: a boat trip to Punta Sabbioni.

Punta Sabbioni is one of the top destinations for day trips among locals, as its beautiful beach faces the Adriatic Sea, hence it offers a clean and beautiful sea water. This peninsula is only 20 minutes away from Venice (by private boat), making it even more appealing to everyone that stays or lives on the main island. This is also a top destination for people who love fishing, as this area of the lagoon is home to great variety of delicious sea fish.

If you stay in Venice we suggest you to start your day trip to Punta Sabbioni around 11am, so you can have the whole afternoon available ahead, but remember: you need a private boat for this trip. If you depart at 11am you will arrive at the stunning beach of Punta Sabbioni at 11:20am. Here you will drop the anchor a few meters away from the shore so you can either relax and swim near the boat or you can go to sunbathe on the beach.

On the beach there is also a very nice restaurant/bar so you don’t have to bring your own food if you did not have the time to prepare it. They make great paninis, pizzas and delicious drinks too.

When the sun is setting and the sea breeze starts getting cooler, it’s time to go back to the boat and head back to Venice. The trip from Punta Sabbioni to Venice is a great tour itself, as you pass by beautiful hidden islands you would never get to see otherwise!

If you want to book this day trip with us, please visit Vidal Venice Tours for more info 😉