Next time you visit Venice during summertime and you want to chill out in the sunshine while taking a swim in the Adriatic Sea, you MUST visit Lido di Venezia. Lido island is only 15 minutes away from Saint Mark’s Square by water bus, so it’s a close and easy-to-reach attraction.

Lido is a 10 miles long (and 1 mile wide) island that acts as a natural barrier between the Venetian Lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. Interestingly, it is also the only island where you can drive or cycle nearby Venice. Lido is also the home for the Venice Film Festival, the famous annual event that showcases a great selection of movies from all over the world. On Lido Island you can also find a small private airport and a golf club. Yet, what Lido is mostly renowned for is its long and wide beach called Lido Beach. This place is perfect for relaxing on extremely soft sand, and while you are here, remember to try the best food truck in Venice: Pecador (they make amazing sandwiches).

In order to reach the island we suggest you to get a water bus (line 1 or 2) that leaves for Lido every 10 minutes from Venice. Once you are there the best way to move around is definitely to rent a bicycle near the bus station. After you get your bike, we highly suggest you to visit Lido Beach, Excelsior Hotel, the Golf Club, Alberoni and Malamocco town. In Malamocco there are a couple of very popular (and quite delicious) restaurants that only locals know about: Trattoria al Ponte di Borgo and Trattoria da Scarso.

Lido is perfect for a day trip from May to October, but in winter it has its charm too. If you want to organise a guided tour in Lido don’t hesitate to contact us on Vidal Venice Tours!