The Venetian Lagoon and the Adriatic Sea are very prolific fishing spots and are located just next to the island of Venice. Fishing is the most popular sport (or hobby) among locals, along with rowing. The fauna around here is very rich with a variety of different species but, above all, the quality of Venetian fish is just delicious.

Among the most popular preys you can find the following: Sea Bass (Branzino), Sea Bream (Orata), Tuna, Red Mullet, Tub Gurnard, Cuttlefish, Squid, Crabs (of different kinds), Clams, Mussels, Prawns, Shrimps and much more. Some species are easier to find inside the Lagoon (like Sea Bass and Sea Bream) while others prefer to stay outside in the sea (like Tuna).

Most locals prefer to fish with fishing rods from small boats (the most popular means of transport in Venice) or from the shore, but a lot of people choose the ultimate fishing technique: underwater fishing with spearguns. If you choose the rod, there are mainly three different techniques suitable for this environment: fishing floats (especially for sea bass), bottom fishing ( especially for sea bream) and eging (squids and cuttlefish).

The best fishing spots are scattered around the lagoon and around the harbour mouth, but the best locations are secrets well kept among experienced fishermen as heavy competition is never welcome for this activity.

Once you have caught a regular size fish (small fish under 20cm are illegal to keep) you can go straight to the kitchen and indulge your whims with a lot of traditional recipes that any venetian can teach you. Otherwise you can bring your own preys to a restaurant and they will cook it for you 😉

If you find yourself in Venice and you want to fish in some breathtaking locations around the lagoon, don’t hesitate to contact us at Vidal Venice Tours.