As you may already know, Venice is the perfect place for any kind of photo shoot: professional, amateur, romantic, landscapes and (why not) for instagram lovers đŸ˜‰
That is why we are making a list of our top 5 spots on the island, where you can always take breathless pictures regardless of the weather or time of the year. Let’s start!

Punta Della Dogana
This is probably the most popular spot in Venice for picture taking, as from here you have a fantastic view of the San Marco Bay. Punta Della Dogana (translated is: the tip of the customs) is the former customs of the Republic of Venice, where all merchants had to stop before entering the city. In order to reach this magic spot go to Salute water bus stop and walk 5 minutes from there.

San Giorgio Island
San Giorgio is located in front of Punta Della Dogana, on the opposite side of the San Marco Bay. This spot is particularly excellent for sunset pictures in the Summer, as this island faces west with a stunning view of Salute Church and San Marco. This small island is only inhabited by monks and it has a stunning park behind its monastery which is open to the public. The best spot here for pictures is in front of the church (or next to the water bus stop). In order to get here you have to take water bus line 2, as there is no bridge that links this small island to the rest of Venice.

Giardini and Sant’Elena
This is the eastern part of the main island of Venice, which is where you will find the biggest amount of trees and green areas in the whole city. Giardini is the biggest park in Venice and Sant’Elena is a residential area with a lot of green too. From here you have a beautiful view of the lagoon and the island of Venice, including the San Marco Bay. This spot is reachable by foot or by water bus lines 5.1 and 1.

Certosa Island
Certosa is a quiet island behind Sant’Elena which is famous for its park and stunning views. From here you have a wide choice of views, such as Sant’Elena, Castello District, the Arsenale, Murano Island and Lido Island. The best way to reach this place is water bus line B.

Molino Stucky (Rooftop)
This is the former flour mill that was built in 1898 by a rich Swiss businessman called Giovanni Stucky. This is one of the most distinctive buildings in Venice as it is so big and beautiful that it is easy to spot. It is located on Giudecca Island, just below the main island. Nowadays it is a Hilton Hotel, and here you can find a bar and swimming pool on the rooftop of the old mill. Tha bar is always open to the public, whereas the swimming pool is usually for hotel’s customers. From here you can take the best pictures of the whole island of Venice as the rooftop is very high up. The best way to reach this spot is to take water bus line 2 to Palanca (Giudecca Island).

If you love taking pictures and you want to organize a private photoshoot tour with our boat, don’t hesitate to contact us on Vidal Venice Tours. We hope to see you soon đŸ˜‰