The city municipality of Venice has warned that St Mark’s basilica might not be able to endure repeated floodings in the years to come. A four foot high glass barrier has been designed as a solution to protect the very old monument and its world-famous mosaics from high tides, which happen a few times a year during winter.

The plan for the barrier, which should be built around the front of the church, has preliminary approval from the city council, Italian media reported.

“The damage we can see now is nothing compared to what is inside the walls. The salt gets into the marble, the bricks, everywhere,” said Carlo Alberto Tesserin, First Procurator of the Basilica, who is the president of a team responsible for managing the historic site. A protective glass wall around the basilica would be needed in addition to the planned Mose dam, a controversial project surrounded by scandals still under construction in the lagoon. (, 2020)

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