The Venetian Lagoon, an UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987, is quite bigger than most people would ever imagine, with a surface area of about 550 square kilometres (212 square miles) and 120 islands. Obviously, some islands are inhabited and some are not, but all of them have their history and charm which make them unique. Today we will focus on our top 3 underrated and “secret” islands in the Venetian Lagoon that you should definitely visit. Let’s start 😉

1. Sant’Erasmo
Sant’Erasmo is the second biggest island the Venetian Lagoon after the the main island of Venice. Even though its size is quite considerable, its population amounts only to 700 residents. That is why Sant’Erasmo is famous for its farms and vegetable gardens. You can find all kinds of products from this fertile land, but what stand out are the famous artichokes of Sant’Erasmo. You can also find quality vineyards here, so we definitely suggest you to put this island on your wish-list for your next trip in Venice.

2. Certosa Island
Certosa Island is located just above the eastern tip of Venice (the island of Sant’Elena), therefore it is really easy to visit if you start from the main island. This is a smaller island of only 0.22 square kilometres, but its small size does not affect its interesting story. This island used to be a famous monastery until Napoleon conquered Venice in the 19th century, and he made it a military base for his army. This island was then used a shooting range for the Italian army until 1997. Nowadays, there is a beautiful public park where people go to relax or walk their dogs in summer days. There is also a hotel, a marina and a house you can rent for parties or events. The view from this island is breathtaking from all sides, so you won’t regret coming here.

3. Sacca Sessola
This beautiful island in the southern side of the Venetian Lagoon has a size of 0.16 square kilometres and is located just below the main island of Venice. This is an artificial island build in 1870 and was first used as a hospital for infectious diseases. In 1936 it was also built a thermal centre and a water tower, that are still functioning today. Since 2015 it is a five star hotel owned and managed by the Marriott Group. Even if you are not staying at this luxurious hotel, you can have free access to the island as here you can find a spa, two restaurants and an old church which are all open to the public.

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