Venice is a city that has a lot of social life, especially from Spring (beginning of April) until the end of Autumn (end of October). The peak of social events is during specific festivities such as Carnival in February, the opening of Biennale exhibition in May, Venice Film Festival in September and Redentore party in July. Yet there is a constant nightlife in Venice that surrounds its bars throughout the whole year. That’s why we are making a short list of our favourite bars in the city for you. Let’s start:

Osteria ai Pugni
This is a typical Venetian bar (also called “cicheteria”) between Campo Santa Margherita and Campo San Barnaba. This location is perfect for young travellers who are looking to have fun in the city’s nightlife, as this is right next to the students area of Venice. Their selection of wines, beers and cicheti (Venetian tapas) is just delicious for all kinds of preferences. The name “Ai Pugni” comes from the famous little bridge next to it called Ponte Dei Pugni, meaning “bridge of the fists”. This legendary bridge is where Venetians from the 14th century used to settle their disputes by fighting until there was only one person standing on the bridge (the others were pushed in the canal). Visit their website for more info.

Cantina Do Spade
This popular bar for both Venetians and Tourists is just a few minutes walk from Rialto Bridge, at the very centre of the main island of Venice. This is both a bar and a restaurant, with great wines and local food. The queue is typically 10-15 minutes, but it’s time worth waiting for. Visit their website for more info

Il Mercante
This is a quality cocktail bar, a little expensive but each cent is worth it (here cocktails are usually between €10 to €12 each).It is located next to Basilica dei Frari, an old and famous church in the heart of Venice. Each cocktail they serve is inspired by the story of a famous merchant, which was the main business force in the city during the powerful and lasting Republic of Venice. Visit their website for more info.

Al Mercà
This little bar is only 10 square meters, but it is enough to make it one of the best bars in the whole island. Obviously, given the limited space available, all the guests must drink their delicious wines and drinks while standing on the beautiful square in front of the bar, called Campo Bella Vienna. This square is next to the beautiful and very popular Erberia (next to Rialto), one of the most popular areas among Venetians. Visit this link for more info.

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