Venice is a relatively small island in the middle of the Venetian Lagoon, yet this magic island is only 3 miles away from the mainland (the rest of Italy) and it is surrounded by a big number of islands (120 just inside the lagoon). Consequently there are many places to choose from during your stay in the most beautiful city in the world, and we are here to give you some tips about them. Let’s start!

Venice (main island)
If you can’t resist the desire to stay on the main attraction of the Lagoon (Venice Island), there are certain districts that we suggest you to avoid. Keep in mind that Venice is divided in 6 districts: Santa Croce, Cannaregio, Castello, San Marco, San Polo, Dorsoduro. Each of them is definitely worth visiting, but the two most famous districts (San Marco and San Polo) are also the two districts to avoid, due to their chaos and overly crowded streets. Therefore, we highly suggest you to choose any other district when booking your place, especially Castello, Dorsoduro or Cannaregio.

Murano Island
This famous island for glassmaking is only 5 minutes by waterbus from the main island and it is definitely a quieter option than Venice island. The population here is only 5 thousands residents, so the lifestyle is pretty different from the busy districts of San Marco and San Polo. This island is also breathtakingly beautiful, so we are sure you wouldn’t regret this option.

Lido di Venezia
Lido is the long and narrow island just 1 mile east of the island of Venice, and it is easily reachable in 10 minutes by water bus (from San Marco square). This is the only island near Venice where you can actually drive or cycle. This is definitely a cheaper option compared to the main island, and if you stay here you will have the famous Lido Beach just a few meters from your doorstep.

Mestre is the closest city to Venice on the mainland. It is located next to the Liberty Bridge, the only bridge that links the island to the rest of Italy. This cheaper option is very convenient as it is only 10 minutes away from Venice (by train, tram or bus) and the choice of hotels and airbnbs is wide, as they have been building a lot of new infrastructures here. This city is also good for the nightlife and the younger visitors. We suggest Forte Marghera for a summer night out.

While you are in Venice, don’t forget to organise a boat tour of the Venetian Lagoon, so feel free to contact us on Vidal Venice Tours for more info.