The controversial Mose flood barrier system “will be able to function” in emergency situations within six months, Venice city mayor Luigi Brugnaro told local media on Tuesday.

The (brief) record floods the city suffered in November revived residents’ anger over the fact that the long-delayed, scandal-hit project is still not up and running.

“Within six months all the Mose sluice gates will be able to function for emergencies,” Brugnaro said, after a meeting with other officials on safeguarding the city against flooding.

He added that the project’s commissioner will soon announce “the schedule for the completion of the work”.

The project began in 1991 and has so far cost upwards of 5.5 billion euros. The enormous yellow barriers, which lie below the water’s surface, are designed to be raised during the exceptionally high tides which occur without fail a few days a year in Venice. (, 2020)

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