The best way to enjoy you time in Venice is definitely by relaxing on a small boat while sipping Prosecco. This is our most famous boat tour since 2018, called “A Venetian Aperitif on the Lagoon”. Since that year we welcomed thousands of clients who always thank us for how unique and different it is to see Venice from the water, instead of the busy streets flooded with tourists. Our trademark tour starts from Zattere, specifically from Chioschetto Zattere, a nice small bar famous for his view of Giudecca and the Canale della Giudecca. From here we head towards Giudecca Island, a very quiet part of Venice where a lot of locals live because it is away from the hectic city centre. After Giudecca we cruise towards the southern lagoon, where the water is always calm (no traffic) and the views are breathtaking. Here you will learn about the islands just below Venice, such as Sacca Sessola, San Clemente and Isola della Grazia. These islands are full of history and funny anecdotes. On the southern side of Giudecca you will also see some of the most charming gardens of Venice, all privately owned by single families. After the southern lagoon we head to Castello, the eastern side of Venice and one of the six districts of the city. Here you can admire the quiet and beautiful neighbourhoods of Sant’Elena and San Pietro. The next stop is the San Marco Bay, with its stunning view of the Doge Palace and San Marco tower. This is probably the very highlight of our tour and the perfect spot for taking pictures for life-long memories. After San Marco we cruise to Santa Maria della Salute, the famous and beautiful church built for celebrating the end of the black plague, which killed nearly 50% of the Venetian population. The last stop is the oldest gondola maker is Venice: Squero San Trovaso. This wooden building looks like a swiss cottage because it was built about 400 years ago by an Italian family that used to live on the Alps, specifically in Trentino. Last but not least, don’t forget that during the whole tour you will be drinking quality wine produced by our local vineyards. Don’t miss this opportunity and drop us a message to book your spots. Since 2024 we upgraded our boat and we can now carry 10 guests. See you soon!